Investigations & White Collar, Government Relations and Compliance

Our White Collar Crime and Investigations Practice group assist corporations, officers, individuals, employees, and directors in the ever-evolving and dynamic business context and at every stage of the enforcement process.

It is noteworthy that investigations have become more sophisticated. Technical and pejorative challenges arise due to the increasingly elaborate tactics used by perpetrators. At Famsville, we have developed a broad knowledge of investigations and enquiries, and also developed capacity and the understanding of the relevant criminal laws to enable us to guide clients through investigations, and compliance with extant regulations whilst increasing the prospect of a successful outcome.

Famsville draws upon the considerable experience of Partners and Associates with cognate experience in government enforcement, fraud detection, and corporate investigation. Our team has a firm grasp of the Nigerian legal framework and foreign anti-corruption regulations. We go beyond offering legal services, we understand the risk and the marketplace where our clients operate; we guide them through regulatory and compliance slope to guarantee their global business competitive advantage.


●       Advise on compliance with regulations locally and internationally; more specifically, the FCPA and UKBA; 

●       Defending proceedings brought by regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies ccs;

●       Tax fraud and investigation;

●       Undertaking fact and evidence finding investigations; ·

●       Instituting disciplinary proceedings; ·

●       Advising on possible civil remedies;

●       Liaising with law enforcement authorities; ·

●       Undertaking due diligence investigations;

●       Providing watching briefs in criminal trials;

●       Completing internal assessments and formulating a tailored risk strategy focusing on prevention and detection of economic crimes; ·

●       Vetting suppliers and employees; ·

●       Advising on best business practices and implementing an internal code of conduct;

●       Developing tailored corporate compliance programs, and Investigating regulatory and policy breaches;

●       We also undertake UK Bribery Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Risk Assessment;

●       Advise on Know Your Client (KYC) requirements;

●       Investigation of tender and procurement fraud;

●       Advising on applicable regulatory provisions;

●       Advising on fiduciary duties of directors and measurement of the fraud and ethical climate within organisations; and

Introducing appropriate awareness training.

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Investigations & White Collar, Government Relations and Compliance

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